The origin of the Covies remains a mystery...

«But who really are these creatures?»

«We don't have any concrete information but we are currently deepening our scientific research in order to send you a complete file about them.»

«The State Council is convened tonight in emergency, we will do everything possible to eliminate them once and for all.»

«We must! For the future of our new world!»


2K19 Covies Degen's story takes place in a peaceful world. A world where the deprivation of freedom and mass control has eliminated most forms of delinquency. No wars, no conflicts, the president of the world rules as the ultimate master over his citizens. But at what cost?

Nothing could make things go back to the way they were, except perhaps this man, who, by trying the worst, will perhaps change the course of history...



²ᵏ¹⁹CovDegen's Website launch

We had to start somewhere ..

²ᵏ¹⁹Covies Degen's NFT Collection Presale (23 September)

150 lucky whitelist-ticket winners will be able to mint their Covies first (2 Covies each max).

²ᵏ¹⁹Covies Degen's NFT Collection Public sale (30 September)

Public sale of every Covies left.

²ᵏ¹⁹CovDegen's Comics Launch (22 September - 01 October)

First draft: 22/09/2021
Official launch of weekly editions: 01/10/2021

²ᵏ¹⁹CovDegen's DAO Launch (4 October)

Holders will have decision-making authority.
Decisions will be made by vote. Only NFTS ²ᵏ¹⁹Cov Degens holders will be allowed to vote (1 NFT hold = 1 vote lane).

Roadmap updated for 2022 (01 December)

New roadmap concerning the evolution of the comics, the release of the game in play to earn

²ᵏ¹⁹Cov Degens Game (Q1 2022 / Q2 2022)

Closed beta-test for every Covies holder.
Official launch phase of the game on a play-to-earn model.